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It's been a long time coming 
WELCOME to the inaugural edition of Parramatta’s newest media property, the Parramatta City Independent.

It has been a long time coming and has arrived not a moment too soon. No longer must the City of Parramatta be a one paper town.

Local media plays a critical role in any community by helping to inform, connect and inspire the people who live, work and play there.

It helps give a voice to those who deserve to be heard and provides a trusted conduit for the sharing of information critical to the empowerment of residents, students, workers, businesses and other stakeholders.

This town has a long and storied history. For thousands of years people gathered here for ceremony and celebration.

It’s a place of countless historical milestones and human achievements. So many Australian firsts occurred, and so much of what it is to be an Australian was born, here.

Parramatta is an exciting and fascinating place not only for its history but also due to the promise of its future.

Its geographic location, natural and cultural treasures, multiculturality, rapid growth and continuous transformation provide the ingredients necessary for a bright and prosperous future for our meeting place, come settlement, come town, come city, come CBD.

The Parramatta City Independent seeks to make a positive contribution by helping to define our community’s identity, sense of place and prospects by providing an adaptable platform for the spreading of ideas, promotion of opportunities and provocation of productive discussion.

We’ll aim to distil the unique character and richness of Parramatta and its neighbouring precincts, promoting events and activities while bringing Parramatta’s social, cultural, environmental and economic possibilities into sharper focus. Above all we'll strive to gain your trust as a credible, impartial and independent media source.

With our launch coinciding with the opening of the new Bankwest Stadium, a once in a generation event, it seemed fitting we dedicate it particular focus.

It is said that you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and this substantial piece of public infrastructure hasn’t been delivered without casualty, but there’s no question the venue is a proud addition which will make an enormous contribution to our city in the years and decades to come.

In this issue we have highlighted the visitors it will attract, the events it will host, the economic benefits it will bring and most importantly the memories it will create.

Jason Burcher is editor of the Parramatta City Independent. Contact him at jason@parramedia.com.au


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E: Michael@accessnews.com.au

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