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Parramatta Chamber of Commerce President, Schon Condon. Parramatta Chamber of Commerce President, Schon Condon. Featured
02 June 2019 Posted by 


People expect more from Parramatta now
IT is with immense Parramatta pride that we welcome the first edition of the Parramatta Press media brand to our great city.
Parramatta can be a fickle market and its evolution has been both sweet and sour at times. What remains a constant is the driving force for change and progress, and the determination of the city to finally hold its own.
At times, perception has been king in this marketplace that has welcomed big business, cherished medium enterprise, and nurtured small business and witnessed many come up the ranks.
Our city has come a long way from the iconic David Jones Building, and the McNamara Building with its solar roof, to a brand-new city with multiple towers and a stadium to boot! 
Parramatta has attracted major financial providers; international retail giants, and we hope we will be home soon to a functional multi-discipline NSW Supreme Court, and possibly even a fully functioning Federal Court.
So, with all these big plans and big projects, what remains a priority for the area?  The delivery of real transparency and integrity. To be a part of a collective that doesn’t lose perspective because of ego, but rather relies on peers to maintain perspective and work  towards better outcomes for all.
These goals are best achieved with a strong and proper media voice that belongs to the city and has its interests at heart. So it is in this spirit that we congratulate the Parramatta Press on its launch, and as a Chamber we will do all we can to ensure that this media voice grows in line with our city.
The Press's ability to provide a passionate voice not only for the general community, but in particular the business community, will support growth and prosperity and give cause for celebration.
As a chamber we aim to engage at every level of government and the private sector; to seek the greater good for the community.
We welcome change, but also exercise resistance when required, for example, lobbying for growth but still maintaining heritage sites that retain the historic character and wellbeing of the city.
The Independent's role will be to collaborate and bring the community together because people now expect more from Parramatta; therefore, we have the responsibility to deliver.
It is the subtle movement that is years in the making before the revolution is even realised, and sometimes it’s the city that echoes all the lost opportunities in silence.
News is now delivered differently, but I am still not convinced everyone has abandoned the more traditional methods. 
We believe an independent voice in media has been neglected in Parramatta. 
We believe it is time to give life to a new voice that is fresh, untarnished, and one that reflects the values of our city. 
We believe the area demands its own niche following and those relationships will bloom to generate and promote good business and a strong community. We believe it’s time.
We are so proud to state that the Parramatta Press will be fully supported by the Chamber for the community at large.
Welcome to the first, of what I’m sure will be many future editions.
Schon G Condon is President of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.


Michael Walls
P: 0407 783 413

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