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Andrew Wilson. Andrew Wilson.
30 May 2019 Posted by 

With pleasure, I welcome the Parramatta Press

IT is with enormous pleasure that I welcome the first issue of the Parramatta Press.

There is a pressing need for more media channels to reach all our residents and to be a champion for our city.

I admire the courage and vision of its publishers in seeking to expand our city’s media offering. I note that the experience and determination of the editorial staff is really second to none and I hope that they will continue to be able to develop those local Parramatta stories that the metropolitan media seems to ignore.

As well as the high volume of residents our city is now welcoming, there is also a greatly expanded variety communities developing in the local government area.

We are seeing the big end of town come back to Parramatta with a vengeance too. This will only increase with the completion of the Parramatta Square project that will bring nearly fifteen thousand new jobs to Parramatta’s civic heart.

The construction of multi-million-dollar apartments is adding to our city’s vibrant mix. This is enhancing and providing new aspects to the simple bulk of housing that we are seeing coming to the Council area.

I note that with their usual drive and energy Bankwest Stadium is supporting this publication. The Stadium also is seeking to become a champion for Parramatta.

Soon they will be joined by a brand-new museum, the medical precinct of Westmead will be doubling in size, a new light rail system and a new metro is promised.

Surely the future is looking bright if somewhat crowded. While I am astounded by the level of planning and the major infrastructure provided by the NSW State Government the Council, the City and all those who wish Western Sydney well can’t let up the pressure now.

We need to keep demanding our fair share of tax money and I know the Parramatta Press is poised to actively contribute to our future in this regard.

Parramatta was previously able to support two vibrant local newspapers. It wasn’t that long ago on a Wednesday you’d have to step around the piles of free local papers.

There were also on the fringes of the Local Government Area a number of fine satellite papers for the areas bordering Parramatta. These publications were and are all paid for by classified advertising. The introduction of digital media has largely ended that model.

I heartily believe there is still the demand and need for high quality publications in Parramatta.

There is no doubt that the media market has become a very competitive and difficult market to enter and to grow in.

Thankfully our media market is about to expand and there should be enough to support this fine new publication without unduly affecting those already here.

I wish the Parramatta Press every success for the future.

Andrew Wilson is Lord Mayor of City of Parramatta.


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E: Michael@accessnews.com.au

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